COVID-19 Rest assured You are safe with us!


Protecting the Health of Our Clients is Our Top Priority! Cleaning materials and professional equipment meet all the modern standards. Same day disinfection Certificate provided to all clients!

Enjoy your cruise while staying protected from the new coronavirus!

Complete Bio Cruise Ship Cleaning : Surfaces – Mattresses – Living Rooms


We undertake the biological cleaning of your boat and specifically:

  •  Special Chlorine dioxide cold fogging treatment on all yachts before every charter.
  •  The cleaning process is performed by experienced team of Compass Clean – a leading Disinfection company in Greece.
  •  Cleaning materials and professional equipment meet all modern standards.
  •  Toilets, galleys and living rooms.
  •  Mattresses.
  • Cockpits and tables 

High Standard Disinfection and Cleaning Services

We undertake the disinfection of all sailing boats with the most efficient cold fogging disinfection method where even critical areas are being treated reliably.

Both ship interior and exterior are being disinfected right before you enter the boat . Find a sealed bag with sanitized galley inventory in the kitchen table and find also sanitized bed linens on each bed.

Safe check-in at the marina office


Social distancing rules in our office base and on board

  •  We don’t allow more than one person in our office ! 
  •  All transactions are contact-less
  •  Masks, gloves available on premises
  •  Paperwork is conducted between one staff and client.
  •  Rest of the crew remains in waiting area with special social distancing rules layout.
  • Our office is being disinfected daily
  •  All our staff have been checked for high body temperature before entering our office
  •  All staff and visitors are required to disinfect their hands when entering our office

Check-in on board

  •  Masks, gloves and sanitary tissues available on board
  •  Alcohol based disinfecting bottle for your hands and surfaces
  •  Boat check-in is conducted between 1 staff and crew skipper alone
  •  Quick check-in application with tablet, photos and videos (you can bring your own device) to facilitate procedure and uphold social distancing rules. 
  •  Sealed bags with bed linen and towels
  •  Sterilized galley inventory
  •  Printed contact information of medical centers for all available destinations