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Zante can offer amazing sailing moments and you will need the best yachts to take you there ... ours.

Start your trip to Zante.
Explore Blue Caves located on the north coast of the island; the wild white rocky landscape together with the calm crystal clear blue water of the sea creates a contrast that leaves you speechless.
Next stop is Navagio Beach, a very famous beach with breathtaking view.
We will stay there enough to enjoy the wonderful scenery; turquoise sea, white sand, steep cliffs, trees on the top and a rusty shipwreck in the middle of the beach.
Explore the island that offers crystal clear turquoise waters, stunning beaches suitable for everyone, and an exquisite landscape surrounded by lush hills that offer a spectacular shade under the hot Greek sun.
Particularly in the southwestern part of the island there are numerous secluded bays that you can only access by boat.