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It is an independent municipality in the prefecture of Kefalonia and is located northeast of Kefalonia. The municipality of Ithaca also includes some smaller islands and its capital, Vathi, has one of the largest natural harbors in the world. There are many ways to sail to Ithaca. Using our yachts to do it is definitely the best way.

Sailing Holidays in Ithaca
Ithaca is located east of the northwestern coast of Kefalonia, from which it is separated by the Ithaca Strait and has about 100 kilometers of coastline. The main island extends in the north-south direction, 23 kilometers (14 miles) long and 6 kilometers wide (4 miles) wide. It consists of two roughly equal parts, connected by the narrow isthmus of the Eagle (meaning Eagle), only 600 meters wide. 
The two parts surround the bay of Molos, whose southern branch is the port of Vathi, the capital and largest settlement of the island. The second largest village is Stavros in the north. The main harbor of Vathi lies deep in a deep bay and is a safe and inviting haven.
The smaller wooded islands of Kalamos, Kastos and Meganisi will remind you  the reason you chose to spend your vacation on a yacht. The only way to explore them is on board and they have boat facilities. The island of Lazaretto (or "Island of the Savior") guards the port. The church of the Savior and the ruins of an old enclosure are on the islet.


Ports and local amenities
The port of Ithaca may not be the perfect base for charter trips, but it is near the central base of Lefkada, from where you can start your sailing vacation (Lefkada, Preveza or Nidri).
Ithaca has two ports, Vathi and Piso Aetos, which connect to Patras via Sami (port of Kefalonia). The Back Eagle is also associated with Fiskardo Kefalonia, Basilici in Lefkada and Lobster in Aitoloakarnania. Vathi is a picturesque town with a curious bay that closes the Lazareto island and the two Venetian castles.
Ithaca has a rich gulf on the east coast, characterized by many bays and capes. The northernmost tip of the island is Cape Melissa, while the southern Cape Agios Andreas, with a total length of 101 kilometers.
The village of Kioni has a small bay of its own, where you can anchor and enjoy local food in the taverns and admire the beauty of its simplicity.
You can also swim in the beach of Gidaki and dive in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.