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Day 1: Olympic Marina, Lavrio - Cape Sounio 6 nm

The embarkation takes place in Lavrio very soon you are in the bay of Sounion, below the temple of Neptune. This can be a good place for an overnight stay. The crew prepares the first meal on board. Of course, the few beach taverns are always available for dinner. If time permits, a tour of the Temple of Neptune is certainly idyllic.


Day 2: Cape Sounio - Loutra 26 nights

The next morning, we pass by the island of Makronisos, which was the island of "Helen of Troy". Nowadays, the island has a negative name, as during the civil war (1946-1949) and during the 7-year dictatorship (1967 - 1974) it became a prison and place of exile.


Swimming in a nearby bay and later in the port of Lesvos on the island of Kythnos.

The small fishermen's village of Loutra has a unique cuisine and a natural spa (healing waters) that starts up the sandy beach, near the port.

Many visitors put on their swimsuits and relax in the small pools at the end of the hot creek.


Ημέρα 3: Λουτρά στην Κύθνο - Ερμούπολη (Γράμματα) 31 ν.μ.



Start from Loutra to Syros. First visit to the "letters" bay for a dip in the crystal clear waters. The colograms are a monument of international heritage.

This was the place where sailors from antiquity to the Medieval Age found refuge - hence the "letters" that the illiterate fishermen of the last century called the place.


In the afternoon we arrive in the capital of Syros, Ermoupoli. This is a city worth visiting for its elegant mansions, churches and even a small Opera House, a replica of the Milan Opera House.


Day 4: Ermoupolis - Mykonos 18 pm


After a morning stroll in Ermoupolis, it's time to travel to Mykonos, with a stop on the small island of Renia (across from Delos) for swimming.

Mykonos needs no introduction. But it's more than just a trendy crazy island summer party. Off-season offers unique beauty landscapes to visitors and calm waters for sailors.


Day 5: Mykonos - Delos - Finikas (Syros)


Anchorage in Delos is not allowed and overnight stays are strictly prohibited. To visit the island, you must take one of the local boats that offer a tour of the archaeological site and museum of Delos.

Sailing to Syros allows a quick dive in southern Renia. Finally, the boat can anchor in the safe bay of Phoenix, with its sandy beach, many local taverns and good food.


Day 6: Phoenix - Kea (Karthaia) 43 nm

Starting from Finikas and on the east side of the island of Kea lies the ancient bay of Carthage with a beautiful beach and the ruins of the ancient city and temple by the sea.


In the afternoon, we anchor in Vourkari and perhaps visit the island of Kea, Juli, a charming little village, built on the top of the hill, like all Countries in the Cyclades, for fear of pirates.



Day 7: Kea - Lavrio 15 nm

Leaving Kea, the final destination is Lavrio. On the way, we stop at a bay in Makronisos for a last swim and arrive late in the afternoon at the marina.


Day 8: Get off in the morning



The weather is the primary factor in determining the route. An essential prerequisite is the safety of passengers and vessels and their comfort.