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The Ionian Sea is one of the most beautiful destinations to choose from sailing holidays!
 Rent a sailing boat on one of the Ionian Islands and enjoy the serene waters and amazing sailing conditions it offers. Charter a boat from the marina of Lefkada, where there are countless options for sailing, catamaran and motor yachts. This is our suggestion for the itineraries you should choose for this voyage.


Start your trip to Zakynthos. Explore the island that offers crystal clear turquoise waters, amazing beaches suitable for everyone, and an excellent landscape surrounded by lush hills that offer a unique shade under the hot Greek sun. Particularly in the southwestern part of the island there are numerous secluded bays that you can only access by boat.


Head north to Zakynthos and you will find the beautiful island of Kefalonia. This great island has countless beaches and inlets that you can anchor the sailboat and enjoy the crystal clear waters. Explore the seabed by diving or snorkeling. There are many destinations in Kefalonia that you can visit and enjoy on your vacation.


Further north is Lefkada, one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Lefkada offers many places to visit and great sailing conditions suitable for both beginners and experienced sailors. Located very close to Kefalonia and gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the whole island in a very short time.


4. Paxi-Antipaxi

North of Lefkada is the small island of Paxos. With a very small number of visitors compared to Lefkada and Zakynthos, Paxos offers turquoise beaches and many bays with lush hills that provide shade so you can sunbathe on the deck of the boat. South of the island of Paxos there is a small island called Antipaxoi. This islet offers a unique scenic landscape and crystalline turquoise waters.

4. Corfu

The largest island in the Ionian is Corfu. With many beaches and coves, this island is perfect for your vacation. Navigate to Corfu  you will find wonderful destinations to explore with a dive from your boat.


The Ionian Sea has many secrets waiting to be explored. Rent a luxury boat with or without a crew and enjoy luxurious sailing holidays.