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A ULYSSES fishing in the Greek Ionian Islands



Arrival at the port of Preveza or Lefkas, then we welcome you on board your yacht and complete your safety induction. We finish the day trolling for bluefish or a couple of cuttlefish for bait and dinner with local fish and local products, an ideal way to acclimatize to Greece.

DAY 2 (16NM)

After breakfast we depart for Lefkas. When we pass the strait between Lefkas and mainland we will leave our trolls to fish, trying to catch dolphin fish, as we are passing the island Meganisi and discover the small islands Kalamos and Formicullas at the east side of Lefkas island, where we will do our first standing fishing. This time we will try to catch giltheads, black seabreams, white seabreams, pandoras, seabreams and blackspot seabreams.
PortoLeone of Kalamos will be our destination for the night, which in the ancient years, the notorious pirates called “Megaphones” used as a hideout to attack ships for thefts and slave trade.
We have dinner on the sail boat. (32NM)

Fishing - Try to catch a big fish

DAY 3 (20NM)

Mornings in Kalamos are quiet and spectacular, and breakfast by the sea is enjoyed by all of us. After breakfast we pick up our baits and (as always during sailing) leave ourtrollsto fish.
Our designated area for standing fishing, is the area between the islands Kastos, Prasonas, Dragonera, Kalogiros and mainland.
We have dinner with some of the fish we caught and stay overnight in the town of Astakos.(17NM)


DAY 4 (25NM)

After waking up and enjoy breakfast in Astakos, the islands Karlonisi, Provati and Pistros, are on the way to the island of Atokos, where there will be our next standing fishing for saddled seabreams and white seabreams.We have dinner and stay overnight at Kioni in Ithaca. (24NM)


Day 5 (65NM)

The morning on the island of Ulysses is very quiet, but we have to get ready for our next fishing. Today we are fishing in the middle of the Ionian sea and this isan exciting, amusing and unforgettable experience. Ithaka provides a huge variety of large and small fish species and they usually take the bait! Trolling, spin fishing and bottom fishing techniques are all available to you, and you might catch a memorable trophy. After our passing the isoleted island of Arkoudi, the roude lead us to Meganisi, where we ‘ll have dinner and stay overnight. (17NM)

Day 6 (38NM)

After breakfast comes troll fishing around Meganisi and between Kithros and Petalou, withbottomtrolls for amberjacks, dusky groupers, white groupers, golden groupers anddentexes.
We have dinner and stay overnight in south Lefkas.(23NM)

Day 7 (34NM)

This day is devoted to sailing, you are ready to be the skipper of the sail boat, give commands to the crew and set destinations. The winds and the sea in this part of the Ionian Sea are great for sailing. After stops for swimming and snorkeling in the famous beaches of the west Lefkas, named Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Agios Nikitas and Kathisma, we start sailing back to Preveza. (37NM)


Day 8

It is time to say goodbye, keeping in your heart all the unforgettable memories and friends you made along the way.

The bond we created through our experiences will always keep us close. You are now a part of the sea, a part of nature!