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Scuba Diving (North Ionian)
The Greeks have always had an intimate relationship with the sea, that continues until today. The Ionian Sea is a particularly lovely area to visit and this experience will allow you to become a part of the sea. Sailing combined with scuba diving is amazing. In the Ionian islands you’ll find a wide variety of diving sites that include walls, wrecks, caverns and reefs. Almost in every dive, there’s a chance you’ll come across some artifacts. You can observe them, (not touch) and then you must report your finds. There is absolutely no taking. It’s like an impromptu archeological adventure every time you slip into the water.


Our meeting point is the port of Preveza. We welcome you on board your yacht, allow you some time to feel at home and then complete the necessary safety induction. We are all here for the same reason: to share our passion for the sea and diving. We finish the day with a walk in the old town and dinner with local fish and local products, as it is the ideal way to acclimatize to Greece.


DAY 2 (16NM)

Now it’s time to get ready for the activities! After breakfast, we will depart for Lefkas island, where we meet with the people of the local diving center, who will join and instruct us to our first dive. The underwater magical world of Lefkas is waiting for usand it offers an unforgettable experience to all lovers of scuba diving. Enjoy feeling weightless as you observe the marine life and the colourful treasures of the Ionian Sea.
Many interesting diving sites are located around Lefkas, such as underwater caves, reefs and old wrecks. After diving and 3 hours of sailing, we pass near Scorpios, the little island that Aristotle Onassis called “paradise on earth” to arrive at Nydri, a bustling port on the East side of Lefkas island.  We have dinner at this cosmopolitan resort and stay for the night.

Activities with yacht charter in Mediterranean

DAY 3 (20NM)

After breakfast on board, we are sailing to the island of Ulysses Ithaca, passing through many small and big islands on our way. The trip lasts for 3,5 hours. Arriving in Ithaca, we will meet the instructors of the local diving club and together we will explore the underwater world of this historic island. Near the coast, where according to mythology the palace of the famous, ingenious king Odysseus was built, we will see some of the most interesting diving spots: the Poseidon shipwreck, the cave of Oksopetra and the wall of Skotaria. Our experienced is tructors will be with you all the time, to help you increase your confidence and knowledge about scuba diving.After this great experience, we have dinner and stay overnight at Vathi, the capital town of Ithaca.


DAY 4 (25NM)

After waking up, we enjoy breakfast and we set sail south to the Island of Kefalonia, 3,5 hours away, where the staff of the local diving club will join us for our third dive. Start getting excited because we will dive in a colourful, vivid Mediterranean reef, with old caves and a lot of sea life in perfect visibility. An offshore reef, with a stunning debris field of ancient wrecks that will fascinate you. Let yourself relax and enjoy the unforgettable feeling of breathing underwater as you observe the amazing marine life, in full security!
We have dinner on board and stay overnight at the seaside area of Skala.


Day 5 (65NM)

Mornings at this area are so quiet, that you want to stay here forever, but we have to get up early (be patient though, you can keep sleeping while our boat is sailing) for our next stop, Zakynthos island, 4,5 hours away. Set your cameras ready, because today we are going to meet the famous sea turtles Caretta-Caretta and if we are lucky, the Mediterranean Monk seal,(Monachus-Monachus). The diving sites here range, from plunging wall dives carpeted in marine life, with colourful fish and sponges to dark and dismal cave dives. An exciting, amusing and unforgettable adventure, guided by the experienced local scuba divers. In the afternoon we set sail to the north of the island, for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6 (38NM)

We have our breakfast on board as we are sailing inthe north of Kefalonia. Marvelous pine trees, touch the surface of the water, next to many small white bays and beaches, as we sail for 5,5 hours until noon, to arrive at Fiskardo. Professional Divers are waiting for us and we will have our fifth scuba dive there. The stretch between Kefalonia and Homer’s beloved island Ithaca, is prized for its crystal-clear waters that offer visibility of up to 30-40 meters. Optimum conditions for scuba diving, with wondrous seascape of colourful caves, dramatic drop-offs and swimming-through canyons, that lie beneath the azure waters of the Ionian Sea. A magnificent underwater world, is waiting for you to discover.We have dinner and stay overnight at Fiskardo.

Day 7 (34NM)

After breakfast in cosmopolitan and spectacular Fiskardo, it’s time to prepare yourself to be the skipper. You will learn to tie knots and steer, give commands to the crew and set destinations. The winds and the sea at this part of the Ionian Sea are ideal for sailing. After a stop for swimming and snorkeling at the most famous beaches of Lefkas island, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Agios Nikitas and Kathisma with their amazing turquoise waters, we start sailing back to Preveza. Total sailing 5,5 hours.


Day 8

All good things come to an end, so it is time to say goodbye, keeping in your heart all the memories and friends you made along the way. This bond we created through our experiences at the sea, will keep us close. You are now a part of the Ionian Sea, a part of nature, a part of the underwater world of Greece!