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Hiking in the Greek Ionian islands

Greece is home of the ancient philosophers and gods, and can rightly be considered the cradle of European civilization. You will have the chance to combine the thrills of sailing with your favourite activity and collect plenty of memories. Our hiking routes offer a delightful combination of nature, island life, and sea. In all cases, landscape is unspoiled, locals are hospitable and friendly and the cuisine is more than distinctive!


Arrival at Preveza port and after a warm welcoming, you settle in your berth on board and prepare yourself for a unique hiking experience. After the necessary safety induction, you will have some free time to wonder around the old town of Preveza, a heaven for seafood lovers. Taste the grilled sardines and the roe of the grey mullet that is called the caviar of the Ambracian Gulf by the locals, who feel very proud of it and they are absolutely right, as it is divine. Overnight at Preveza.

DAY 2 (15 nm 2 hrs sailing)

It’s early in the morning and everything is still and quiet. You breathe the fresh sea air and get all the positive energy required for our journey. After breakfast it’s time to set off for our sailing adventure. Our first stop will be the magical island of Lefkas. At Nydri port we tie our walking shoes up for our first hike to Nydri waterfalls. A very nice and relatively easy hike, suitable for everyone who loves this kind of activity, in a wonderful landscape of unspoiled nature, leads us to the impressive waterfalls. Bring a towel and a swimsuit along and consider a change of clothes. We recommend a dip in the natural pool under the waterfall at the end of the route. You definitely deserve it. On the way back, take your time to enjoy the serenity of the gorge and recharge your batteries. Overnight at cosmopolitan Nydri which is famous for its cocktail bars and nightlife.

DAY 3 (17 nm 2.5 hrs sailing)

After a filling, nutritional breakfast, it’s time to sail for our next destination Fiskardo. The picturesque harbour in the north part of Kefalonia island is waiting for us. The Battery trail, is the longest trail of the Fiscardo hikes. It connects several villages and gives the hiker the chance to admire the beauty of the surrounding area, as it goes through various landscapes with Cypress forests, strawberry tree forests and agricultural fields. It also passes by different historical sites, like the ancient tomb of Throni and the old village of Psilithrias. The trail is carefully designed to combine hiking with a glance at Greek history. Overnight at colourful Fiskardo and dinner at famous Tasia’s restaurant with its delicious dishes. Allow yourself some pleasure, after all you’ve earned it!


DAY 4(10 nm 1.5 hrs Sailing)

The island of Ulysses, mythical Ithaca is our next destination. Kioni is a village that lies in the southeast part of Ithaca, 24 km from Vathy, in a verdant setting with unique attractions. It is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a mountain, with little, tile roofed houses overlooking the picturesque port where small fishing boats are quietly mooring. I bet you already imagine yourself on our next trail. In today’s hike we will have the chance to observe the unspoiled beauty of the area. Lush vegetation, vertical cliffs that offer an endless view of the Ionian Sea, and also small, welcoming forests, are all there for you to “conquer” them, while experiencing an unforgettable, hiking adventure! Overnight at Kioni,a quiet and modern tourist resort, with many cafes and taverns.


DAY 5 (16 nm 2.5hrs sailing)

Our next destination is the small island of Meganisi, a real paradise for hike lovers. Today we will be lucky enough to explore its magnificent scenery while hiking. Our path passes through bays and coves with spectacular beauty and green landscape. It also goes through the three traditional villages of the island, Katomeri, Spartochori and Vathy with the traditional architecture of the characteristic labyrinths of paved pathways among the whitewashed stone houses. Follow the moderately difficult trail and let your senses do the rest. Overnight at Meganisi,the idyllic island with limited tourism, has nice restaurants and taverns with traditional dishes mostly made with fresh, local products. The best choice for hungry hikers!


DAY 6 (14 nm 2 hrs sailing)

After the memorable hiking experience you gained so far, we sail for our next destination, the island of Kastos, a low-lying, long and narrow, little island covered in olive trees. Kastos has a width of 900 meters and a surface area of six square kilometers. It has many low hills, the tallest of which is no higher than 150 meters. As no cars are allowed on the island, it’s the ideal place for hiking. The trail is generally quite accessible and straight, therefore hiking there isn’t strenuous, as it demands little effort. The view from the pathway along the ridge, which goes towards the north, is breathtaking and exudes a sense of peace and calmness. Overnight at the quiet village of Kastos.


DAY 7 (30 nm sailing 5 hrs)

Mornings at Kastos are spectacular and breakfast by the sea, is properly appreciated by all of us.
This day is devoted to sailing. You will learn to tie a knot, adjust the sails and steer. You are ready to be the skipper, give commands to the crew and set destinations. The winds and the sea at this part the Ionian Sea is ideal for sailing.
After a stop for swimming and snorkeling in the quiet bay of Desimi, in Lefkas island, we start our way back to Preveza port

Day 8

This is the last day of our journey and it’s time to say goodbye, keeping in your heart, all the good memories and the friends you made along the way. This bond we created through our experiences, will keep us close forever. You are part of the Ionian Sea now, a part of Greek nature!
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