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Cycling in the Greek Ionian islands

Imagine island hopping, onboard your own yacht, arriving at a new destination each day and discover each island by bike. On this very special trip you will explore the Ionian islands in a completely unique way and create memories that will last for a lifetime.


The route is selected in such a way, so you will discover the beauty of theseislandsday by day, in every place we visit.Even if youdon’t feel like cycling, you are welcome to just enjoy the sights and sounds of the passingscenery and breathe the clean, healthy breeze of the sea.We embark from the port of Lefkas,in high spirits, to begin our cycling adventure.You willcycle on the amazing roads of Lefkas,Ithaca, Kefalonia, Meganisi and Preveza.Sailing between these islands will even give you a chance to try your sailing skills if you wish, or just sunbathe if you prefer.


Day 1: Arrival in Lefkas (Aktio)
Day 2: Kefalonia island,8 mi.(14km)
Day 3: Ithaca island, 11.85 mi. (19km)
Day 4: Meganisi island, 7 mi. (12km)
Day 5: Lefkas Nydri, 15 mi. (25km)
Day 6: Kastos island, 14 mi. (23km)
Day 7: Preveza port, 12 mi. (19km)
Day 8: Lefkas town, departure


Day 1: Arrival in Lefkas

We arrive at the port of Lefkas where you will have time to settle in your berth and feel comfortable on board. As soon as you feel at home, we will complete the necessary safety induction. You can already start imaging, mountain biking routes, panoramic views of the islands and roads with almost no traffic, where you and your bikes will dominate the landscape. Later, we gather for a welcome dinner to meet the skipper and the rest of the participants. It’s bonding time!



Day 2: Kefalonia (3 hrs sailing)

After our first breakfast on board, we start sailing for Kefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea. It is famously known as the location of the successful movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, a love story set in during the world war II. It’s time to get on your bikes and start exploring the immense diversity of the terrain. The first cycling tour, starts from Fiskardo, the picturesque harbour in the north partof the island and passes through various landscapes, cypress forests, strawberry tree forests and agricultural fields. It also passes by, different historical sites, like the ancient tomb of Throni and the old village of Psilithrias. What better way to combine your favourite activity with a taste of history? The cycle route continuous towards Fiskardo and brings the riders back to the harbour. In the evening, we will have a superb meal at Tasia’s restaurant, which is well known for its delicious dishes!


Day 3: Ithaca island (2 hrs sailing)

In the morning we sail for Ithaca. After 2 hours of sailing and gazing at the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea,we arrive in Ithaca island. We will cycle in the homeland of the mythical king Odysseus, a hilly island with a beautiful, breathtaking landscape and a long history. Today’s cycle route is a round trip from Kioni, a stunning seaside village, with a very nice descent on a paved trail. We can enjoy the unique characteristics of the Ionian islands, away from the tourist beaten track. Our ride will bring us close to gnarled olive trees, crystal clear waters and friendly islanders. Time appears to stand still on Ithaca and we feel blessed, we have the chance to unite with it. Overnight at Kioni Ithaca.


Day 4: Meganisi (3 hrs sailing)

Today we are sailing to the island of Meganisi, a tiny island with lots of charm, which we will explore by bicycle. We will pass by, bays and coves with spectacular beauty, green landscapes and idyllic sceneries. Our cycle route will take us through the three traditional villages of the island, Katomeri, Spartochori and Vathy with the traditional architecture of the characteristic labyrinths of paved pathways, among the whitewashed stone houses. An ideal setting for cycling. Everything around here conspires, in order to create a cozy atmosphere and very soon you will feel like you belong here. Overnight in Meganisi.

Day 5: Lefkas Nydri (1 hr sailing)

After breakfast on board we reach the bustling port of Nydri in Lefkas island. It’s time to pick up our bicycles for the next cycle ride, to the breathtaking Nydri waterfalls. The route to the waterfalls, goes through a wonderful landscape of unspoiled scenery and you won’t stop admiring the magnificence of nature. Bring a towel and a swimsuit along and consider a change of clothes. A dip in the natural pool under the waterfall, is an absolute must, as it is a refreshing and unforgettable experience. Overnight at cosmopolitan Nydri which is famous for its cocktail bars and nightlife!

Day 6: Preveza port (3 hrs sailing)

Preveza with its island atmosphere and centuries of history welcomes us after the morning sail. The cycle route today passes through ancient Nikopolis(the victory city) that was founded by Octavian Augustus to commemorate his triumph against Antony and Cleopatra and a forest of eucalyptus and pine trees near the sea. A stop at the museum is highly recommended.
The town of Preveza is a real heaven for seafood lovers. Grilled sardines, grey and red mullets, and shrimps are typical delicious dishes but it is the preserved roe of the grey mullet that the locals take pride of. It is called the caviar of the Ambracian Gulf, as the roe is salted, dried and coated with beeswax. It is usually thinly sliced and served with crusty bread and ouzo. Truly divine! Overnight in Preveza.

Day 7:Lefkas town (3 hrs sailing)

This is a full sailing day with swimming and snorkeling. After breakfast we depart for Lefkas island and we discover the most stunning, sandy beaches on the west side of the island. Swimming and snorkeling in these turquoise waters, will make you think you are in heaven. Yes, paradise do exist and you are lucky enough to explore it. Reaching the port in the afternoon, we enjoy a last evening meal on board, together in the company of friends, guides and crew. It’s time to share stories with the team and reflect on the wonderful experiences of the week.


Day 8: Departure

This is the last day of our trip. We will have to disembark from our sailing boat after breakfast. Keeping all the good memories in our heart, we have to say goodbye. This bond we created through our experiences will keep us close forever. You are now a part of the Ionian Sea, a part of nature, a part of Greece!